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Purse & Pocket Promotional Products

The ability to take a brand or message anywhere is the ideal purpose of promotional products. Pocket and Purse items fall into this coveted category of promotional products. One of the primary trends in the market today is that everything is getting smaller and more functional. The smaller and more functional the item, the more likely it is that the consumer will utilize the item frequently. For example, a pair of fingernail clippers that also has a bottle cap remover or other handy feature, is more likely to replace the one the consumer used to carry to simply clip fingernails.

The pocket and purse promotional product is great because it allows you to provide something that a female consumer would appreciate. Women are now an important part of the marketing campaign as women have been very successful at climbing the corporate ladder in recent years, putting them in the position, more now than ever before, to make purchasing decisions. Of course, these items can be an effective tool for marketing to men and women alike.

With corporate budgets getting tighter, purse and pocket promotional products make for an excellent marketing opportunity. These smaller and more functional items often times are cheaper than the bigger more bulky promotional products of the past. That is good news for your business as your marketing dollars can be spread out to reach more consumers.

While pocket and purse promotional items have been used effectively in all markets, the financial, home services (construction, real estate, etc.), automotive, manufacturing, and health care industries have shown the widest use in this area.

Some great promotional products in the purse and pocket category include fingernail clippers, nail files, business card sewing kits, checkbook covers, day planners, keychains with built-in components such as a screw driver, laser pointers, key light covers, calculators, and money clips which have a built-in pair of scissors and small knife blade.

If you are interested in getting one of these purse and pocket promotional items or an abundance of other promotional items, just give A&S a call. Please contact one of our customer service representatives at (937) 692-5685 or toll free at (866) 209-1574.

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