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It is no secret that the goal of using promotional products at trade shows and other events is to sell your companies' product. That goes without saying. But how do you make this work. Well, I learned as a young child that seeing free stuff will attract the young and old alike. I remember being at the county fair with my parents and seeing people walking around with piggy banks made out of air filters. Well, I wanted one; and drove my parents crazy until they found it. A company that sold auto parts was giving them away in the colliseum. While my father was there getting me that piggy bank, the man at the booth struck up a conversation with him. Well, one thing led to another, and the gentlemen ended up selling my father quite a few auto parts over the years.

Many companies make the mistake of getting promotional products all printed up with their company logo and contact information on them, and just lying them out on the table for all to take. It is a much better strategy to keep the items in view, but out of reach. Then, when people approach for the promotional product, pick one up and strike up a conversation with them. This provides you an opportunity to tell this perspective client how your company can provide them with what they need. Don't confuse a successful giveaway with a "freebie." You are providing a promotional product that should get you sales leads.

A great way to build traffic at your booth is to send out postcards prior to the event and let the potential client know that the first 100 clients will get a free coffee mug (or whatever item you have selected as your promotional giveaway). This helps to promote your booth prior to the event ever starting. Also, the more people visiting your booth, the more "buzz" you can create. This creates curiousity for people; and leads to them coming over to see what is going on!

The secret to success is not the promotional giveaway, but how you go about distributing it. If you put an interesting promotional product in the booth with the right salesperson, you will enjoy great success.

If you would like to discuss the right promotional product for your business, please contact one of our customer service representatives at (937) 692-5685 or toll free at (866) 209-1574.

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