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Fund Raising with Silk Screened Apparel

Fund Raising using silk screened apparel as the fund raising product can serve to be a very lucrative deal for your organization. We have experience helping churches, elementary schools, high schools, and youth athletic leagues such as soccer and baseball with making huge profits for their organization. Are you tired of selling candy, nuts, and other less useful items that people only purchase in order to support your organization? Well, you can setup a fund raiser to sell people something they can wear and show their support to your organization. People love to show their allegiance, and putting your name and/or logo on quality apparel is just one way to let them do it. Check out our web site for school fundraisers.

Silk screened apparel can be customized with a slogan, your logo, or any other creative idea you might have. We will work with you to create a product offering for your fundraiser that will maximize your profits. Often times, it is good to come up with one or two design ideas and then offer that design on a variety of different apparel products such as long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats.

We provide you with guidance throughout the entire process of designing your fund raiser. We have an on-site art department capable of turning your idea into a great design. We can even help you with ideas that we have seen work in the past. We want your fund raiser to be as successful as possible.

We will provide you with a cost estimate at the per garment price such that you can select a pricing structure that allows you to maximize your profit. Of course, the more you sell, the lower the per unit price will be to your organization. That is why we don't advertise that you will earn a specified percentage. If you only sell 10 t-shirts, you might only make 10%, but if you sell 50 or 100 t-shirts, you could easily make 35% or more on each unit.

We don't require that you purchase the product up front and then go out selling it! This is a major advantage over other fund raising methods as you won't end up with extra product that you can't get rid of. You can choose to sell your product using a custom brochure that our art department will create for you. Once you are done selling, we will then create the exact number of garments you need in exactly the quantity you require. We can also, bag and sort the orders for you!

If you would like to discuss a tailored fund raiser for your organization, please contact one of our customer service representatives at (937) 692-5685 or toll free at (866) 209-1574.

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