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APPLIQUE - The use of fabrics sewn onto one another for decoration that adds dimension and texture. Designs with applique are economical because they reduce the amount of embroidery stitches needed to fill the design area.

BACKING - A woven or nonwoven support material added to the back of the fabric being embroidered. It can be hooped with the item or placed between the machine throat plate and the hooped garment. It comes in various weights in three types- tearaway, cutaway and washaway.

BOBBIN - Spool or reel that holds the bobbin thread, which forms secure stitches on the underside of the fabric.

BUCKRAM - A woven fabric treated with a glue substance to stabilize fabric for stitching. It is commonly used for caps to hold the front panel in place.

CHENILLE - A form of embroidery in which a loop stitch is formed on the topside of the fabric. Heavy yarns made of wool, cotton, or acrylic are used.

COVER SEAMING - A two-needle stitching that runs around the armhole and base of the band at the bottom of a shirt, sometimes used for set-in sleeves of sweat shirts. It is a feature most often found in heavyweight and super heavyweight sweats.

DENIER - The international system for numbering silk and man-made filament yarns and fibers. The low numbers represent the finer thread sizes and higher numbers, the heavier yarns.

DIGITIZING - A modern term for punching, it is a method of programming a design. Artwork is converted into a series of commands to be read by an embroidery machine's computer.

EDITING - Changing aspects of a design using a computerized editing program.

FILL STITCH - A series of running stitches commonly combined to cover large areas.

HOOP - A device made from wood, plastic, or steel with which fabric is held in place for machine embroidering.

LETTERING - Refers to the embroidery of letters, either made completely with stitches or a combination of cutout applique pieces and stitching.

NAP - A fuzzy or downy surface of fabric covering either one side or both, produced by brushing loosely twisted yarns.

REGISTRATION - This refers to the ability to line up details and parts of designs with each other.

RUNNING STITCH - A series of single stitches forming a line.

SATIN STITCH - A zigzag sewing action where two stitches form a column. It is often used for lettering, outlining, and detail.

STOCK DESIGNS - Digitized embroidery designs that are commercially available for general use by embroiderers.

TENSION - The tautness of thread when forming stitches.

TRIMMING - The action of cutting loose thread, removing backing, etc., from the final embroidered product.

UNDERLAY STITCH - The stitching action that will attach the backing to the fabric being embroidered. It also supports the top embroidery for a more lofty, dimensional look.

WEIGHT - When referring to T-shirts, the three standard weight divisions are mid-weight/value, heavyweight/premium, and super heavyweight.

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